Our Partners


Operation Helping Hand Tampa is supported by contributions from our Community Partners.  These are gracious individuals, small businesses, corporations and associations that generously donate funds as well as proceeds from their events and activities.  We are so appreciative of their support, and welcome you to follow the links on our Community Partners page to learn more about the amazing supporters of Operation Helping Hand Tampa.


Monthly Dinner Sponsors

Thursday 16 January – CAE USA

Thursday 20 February – SOF Missions

Thursday 19 March – MOAA Tampa Chapter

Thursday 16 April – Century Buick/Pilot Bank

Thursday 21 May – USAA

Thursday 18 June – Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

Thursday 16 July – Booz Allen Hamilton

Thursday 20 August – Celestar Corporation

Thursday 17 September – DTCC

Thursday 15 October – Kindred Healthcare

Thursday 19 November – Booz Allen Hamilton

Thursday 17 December – Arma Global



Monthly Dinner Caterers

Thursday 16 January – Mission BBQ – Waters Ave

Thursday 20 February – The Brunchery

Thursday 19 March – Nosh Caterers

Thursday 16 April – Hank’s Catfish and BBQ

Thursday 21 May – Bonefish Grill

Thursday 18 June – Willie Jewell’s Bar B Que

Thursday 16 July – TBD

Thursday 20 August – Lupton’s

Thursday 17 September – The Brunchery

Thursday 15 October – TBD

Thursday 19 November – Columbia Restaurant Group

Thursday 17 December – Bob Evans – Seffner






Thank You to one of our most valued young entrepreneurs, Madison, who conducts an annual Lemonade Stand and sells “Bow for Heroes” to raise funds for Operation Help Hand!